Actual Fabric

I am very pleased to have purchased two yards of heavy twill fabric from Spoonflower to reupholster my office chairs. I designed the fabric with Filter Forge and then uploaded a high resolution jpeg image:

This is the first time that I have seen an actual physical sample of my design work and it is thrilling. I will post a photo of the finished chairs in a couple of weeks.

In Motion Fabric 14 Twill Gray-green


A Bedroom Study

Hi everyone. I did this scene from a photo, though the only things faithful to the photo are the headboard, lamp and flower vase. It was a good experiment with sub-surface scattering (the lamp and lampshade) and I tried my hand at creating a bitmap (the flower petals). I rendered this with Arion for Max for 4 hours at 4000×3300 pixels. The only Photoshop is to down-sample the image to 1000×825 pixels.


The New Adobe

Does anyone else feel uncomfortable with the new Adobe CC pricing/subscription scheme? I upgrade Photoshop about every four years and I feel like I will be paying more per month for something I don’t really need. I have to do more research on their Cloud format, because my initial reaction to it is negative.

Since I’ve just upgraded my CS5 to CS6, I think I won’t have to worry about it for the next few years, but I wanted other people’s input on this issue.


Rhino LIVE From RandomControl Released

Render by Paul Sherstobitoff

RandomControl, makers of Arion and Max LIVE have announced the release of Rhino LIVE, fully-integrated Arion for Rhinoceros 3D. In my testing, I’ve  found Rhino LIVE to be rock-solid and a pleasure to use. I’m very happy for all of the patient and persistent Rhinoserati out there – you are going to really like this.

See all the details here: There is also a demo version available that can be downloaded from the Customer Area.