Architectural Visualization by Surreal Structures

Surreal Structures is a boutique operation that has been providing 3d photo-realistic visualization services to architects and interior designers since 2002. Fran Davey’s work was featured in the Sept. 2004 issue of Architectural Digest. It was the first time the magazine had published an article focusing on the then emerging use of 3d rendering for high-end interior design. Fran has visualized designs for homes, offices and retail spaces from New York City to New Zealand; from Seattle, Washington to Seoul, South Korea.

Fran began as a 2d drafter for architects and engineers in 1989. Since 1997, when she was first introduced to the world of 3d visualization, she has always walked the cutting edge of technology and innovation. She has sought to use the best tools, the best equipment, the highest quality content contributors, and above all, to continually hone her skill set in order to meet the highest expectations of the most discerning of clients.

All of these goals are pursued with one priority in mind – the best possible representation of your design. The product of these efforts should not be just a “pretty render”, but rather the chance for your clients to become immersed in the space that you have created for them.